PADS Software Environment

Valery Klimenko (Ph.D.) An important feature of the modules Logic, Layout, Router software PADS, created by Mentor Graphics for designing printed circuit boards (PCB), is the presence of automation as part of Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) 1. Automation includes the server and client. Speaking as the servers are, PADS provides its data and functionality of other programs, as well as the client can use the data and the functionality of other programs. This means in particular that automation as part of OLE creates the preconditions for a harmonious integration of modules in the PADS software environment of the enterprise. The presence of such assumptions, however, is often underestimated in practice they are implemented, usually in very limited extent.

At the same time, OLE and its elements can be used with high efficiency to address the very urgent practical problems, for example, to comply with the PP in these special projects requirements that are not reflected in the PADS Design Rules. Specific design requirements are usually formulated by various parties – the developer of the concept, a specialist in electromagnetic compatibility, the manufacturer of PP … – And stored in different documents. The maximum objective is to provided by means of OLE in a certain way to introduce these documents to the project and possibly contribute to the implementation of automatic design of their requirements. Analogue of this is the impact of Design Rules and Preferences for work tools PADS. Recorded in the Design Rules and Preferences settings are taken into account two types of instruments PADS: design and control.

Learning Language

The Internet is the ability to read and watch the news giants such as cnn, bbc, Rater, so to speak, first hand, without waiting for the Russian Service will prepare a transfer, citing a source, read blogs from around the world watch movies and read books in their original language, without waiting for their translation into Russian. As you can see, with the knowledge of languages you are always one step ahead. Today I'm learning two languages simultaneously. You can not imagine what a mess at this is in my head but it's worth it – it is impossible to convey the feeling when you are free to speak with someone totally from another country, another culture, their language. For days to sit with a book and teach "Irregular verbs in English" is a deadly bore.

I will try on their own experience to tell you how to diversify language learning, how to combine business with pleasure, using a computer and the Internet. I think we all love the movie. Someone comedy with Jim Carrey, some militants with Bruce Lee, and someone Reviews. Most high-quality movies Hollywood produces today, which is known to speak primarily to English. Watching movies in their original language, you really raise your level of hearing a live speech from the lips of native speakers. Agree to learn and remember the phrase, said Bruce Willis, and not a teacher at school / university / to courses much easier Additionally, you win that many jokes and the "chips" of the films disappear after their translation into Russian.