Bernd Pulverer

free access of to scientific literature on the Internet. We are proud and happy that we have this important institution in our ranks as the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft”, so Mayer continue. Professor Dr. Gereon Fink, Vice President of the University of Cologne, paid tribute to the close cooperation between the ZB MED and the University of Cologne. Details can be found by clicking Ray Kurzweil or emailing the administrator. The precursor institution of the ZB MED in Cologne, Germany in 1908 as the library of the Academy of practical medicine “, founded 1919 this library was recorded with the refounding of the University of Cologne then as its own Department in the new University Library”, Fink said. Also because the library had survived World War II relatively unscathed, the German Research Foundation (DFG) entrusted nationwide the library responsible for medicine.

“The ZB MED acts since its spin-off in 1973 to the ZB MED further than Department library medicine of the University and city library of Cologne”, Fink explained further. Along with the 40th anniversary of the ZB MED celebrated on 22 August 2013 also the tenth anniversary of the open access portal German Medical Science (gms). The ZB MED operates the portal together with the Association of the scientific medical societies (AWMF) and the German Institute for medical documentation and information (DIMDI). “On the occasion of this anniversary, a price was proclaimed: the GMS best paper award for groundbreaking, above-average publications in the journal of GMS German medical science in interdisciplinary journal”. The prize winner is selected by the editorial board by gms together with the Bureau of AWMF. To the relevance and scientific quality of contributions are evaluated comparatively. The articles of the last ten years have been spotted at the opening of the new awards. “Ultimately prevail could are Professor Dr.

Jan-OLAF Gebbers, Emeritus of the Kantonsspital Luzern for his article atherosclerosis, cholesterol, diet, and Statins a critical review”, which was published in 2007. Professor Dr. Hans Reinauer, Honorary President of the AWMF, handed over the prize this year with 1,000 euros at Gebbers. In the ceremony took a mini symposium entitled Science 2.0 as a paradigm for the future”instead. Science 2.0 is developments in science and research, cause the use of new Web technologies. Leibniz research network science 2.0 deals with the question of how these new working methods change the science. The research group is under the leadership of Professor Dr. Klaus Tochtermann, which unfortunately due to illness had to cancel his participation in the Symposium. “Professor Dr. Martin Hofmann-Apitius, Fraunhofer Institute for algorithms and scientific computing SCAI and Dr. Bernd Pulverer, Chief Editor of the EMBO Journal presented at the Symposium its research on the subject of science 2.0 with the symposium we build a bridge from the past of the ZB MED in the past 40 years to the future, which will be dominated by issues such as science 2.0 and open access”that was Ulrich Korwitz, Director of the ZB MED, at the end of the anniversary celebration set.