Bidirectional Audio Encoder

Axis Communications today announces a new video encoder card with high-performance H.264 support, possibility to configure multiple streams of video and audio bi-directional in each of its four channels. The new AXIS Q7414 video encoder allows to integrate analogue cameras in advanced IP-based video surveillance systems. The new Axis Q7414 blade video encoder provides all the benefits of the video and audio in network to any system of analog video, both newcomers and those already installed. Thanks to this new product, Axisproporciona the most comprehensive IP video encoders catalogue set of network capabilities, and optimizes IP video security, efficiency and possibilities management solutions, stated Eloina Weijl, AxisCommunications Iberia’s Marketing Coordinator. This video encoder card, which supports all types of analog cameras, converts the analog signal in video sequences digital that is transmitted over IP networks for viewing ygrabacion in networked computers. The Q7414 AXIS support H.264 high performance and offer the possibility to configure multiple video streams individually by each channel in all resolutions and to 25 images per second. Offers four channels of analog video, as well as four audio channels, which allows a control center operators to communicate with any visitor.

Power supply built-in phantom, with adjustable input gain, simplifies the installation of microphones of balanced audio line. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vida Vacations has to say. This new video in card encoder fits perfectly in the AXIS 291 1U (rack) rack as well as the AXIS q7900 rack, a frame of high density which supports up to 84 analog cameras. AXIS Q7414 includes analysis capabilities of the video content (also called intelligent video) such as enhanced video motion detection, anti-tampering alarm and cameras with horizontal movement support, vertical and zoom (PTZ) for each channel. This new blade video encoder is supported by Axis Camera Station video management software and the largest base of software applications in the industry through the Axis application developer program. AXIS Q7414 blade video encoders are available for ordering through the usual channels of sale during the second quarter of 2011.