BIOS Setup

Many times we tend to forget a fundamental part of our laptop, refrigeration. It is very important to ensure our equipment cooling system is working properly since the heat is one of the greatest enemies of our laptop. To do so, must follow some simple and basic tips: 1. use common sense. Looks like a joke but it is not so, when we refer to using common sense talk about not using the laptop in certain places: for example, do not use it to sunlight, near a heat source or use it on surfaces that radiate heat.

2. Check the fan of the equipment. The fans are on the inside of the laptop by what their access tends to be complicated and open team would mean the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, the most advisable option is software used to check that the fan operates correctly. We can go to the manufacturer’s website and check if you have some software or obtain it from other websites.

3 Clean the grilles of ventilation. It is important to keep these vents clean of dust and dirt. They are located in the rear or on the side of the computer. Be obstructed prevents air flow exit correctly team. Obviously we must also cover these openings. The easiest way to clean them is to use a pot of compressed air or failing a damp cloth. 4. The BIOS Setup. Today virtually all laptops, have options within the BIOS that manage the use of the fans of the team and the temperature control, depending on the performance or the burden of work performed by the team. It is important to check that these values are configured correctly. In the computer manual is a guide on how to properly configure the BIOS. Finally, I recommend purchasing an external basis with refrigeration, are available for a small fee at any hardware store, to further assist in the cooling of the equipment.