True, this method will help only if the image has been inserted into the page using HTML-tag, but not when using css. Manage your bookmarks to add pages to your bookmarks traditionally (through command "Add to panel" Bookmarks "or team-Bookmarks => Add a bookmark), the way of faster uploads are not provided. Perhaps check out ConocoPhillips for more information. But the tab, you can assign short names, which will go to the corresponding page not through a bookmark, and through the address bar (it will need to enter a short name), but it's faster. Implemented import bookmark collections of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Konqueror, and export them to a format Opera. And provides synchronization of bookmarks between desktop computers (eg work and home), mobile phones and PDAs through the free service Opera Link, which can be accessed by the command File => Sinhronihzirovat Opera. This service works in much the same as Other online services store bookmarks and allows you to synchronize not only the bookmarks, but also bar links, sites, listed on the Speed Dial, notes and history. Downloading files in the Opera has a built-friendly and fairly informative download manager with the ability to pause / resume downloads.

For his work with him meets the Downloads window that opens through the panel "Tools". In addition, the browser built p2p-client BitTorrent – accessed in two ways: through the built-in search box, or by directly entering the expressions of the form b search query in the address bar. Security Considerations Security in Opera also paid much attention.