Carabineros Rosses

An another hot spot is the artist and student quarter of Gracia. In this area is somewhat more leisurely and quiet in the small alleys and Cafes. One of the most beautiful parks of the city, the Park Guell can be found adjacent to the North. From there one has a beautiful view over the city. Some locals even paid for a breathtaking view of the city. Here you can learn from what angle, a high diver sees Barcelona from his workplace,: good to know is that generally don’t tip must be paid in Barcelona. This will be taken into account already in the Bill.

Often, vacationers leave service personnel still between five and ten percent of the invoice amount. At best, one moves in Barcelona Metro. Especially the T10 ticket which includes ten rides and can be used in all public means of transport suitable in this case. From the airport it goes for five euros with the Aerobus in the city. Mysticism and Science in the trendy city of culture for all travelers who are open during the holidays for extraordinary and bizarre has a special tip.

At the Museum of funeral coaches (Museu de Carabineros Rosses of Funebres) the funeral provides Serveis fun he former de Barcelona from the impressive collection of hearse of all over the world. Insights into the burial customs in the Barcelona of the last third of the 19th century and the first half of the twentieth century await visitors. Those who are more interested in natural sciences, enters the Museum CosmoCaixa at his own expense. The Museum is one of the most prestigious science museums in Europe. A special feature of this museum is the replica of an ecosystem of the Amazon on an area of 1000 square meters. Even the typical, intense rain showers are imitated in this jungle greenhouse with some 30 m-tall trees. A visit to this museum is for owners of Barcelona card, which is available on, reduced.