Much people think that to gain money she is necessary to have a mirabolante idea or to find the chance certain, the business of China. In the truth, to gain money has to see with making something that you like e, mainly, to add value to the people. what it is to add value? To add value is to improve the life of the others. It is to act with true intention to make the others to prosper, to be happyer, if to feel better. The life has some laws that are natural, universal and invariant. As well as the law of the gravity exists, exists the law of is that he is necessary first to give stops later receiving. Only that many people think first about what they go to receive. Wrong reasoning.

You to remove money of a banking account, you need first to deposit, certain? With the life, with financial prosperity and the success, it is the same thing. Therefore, he thinks about its customers, its downlines, the people in its net of relationship, as people who you need to help. Its life goes to evolve when you to help the lives of them to evolve first. When you make this, its dumb energy, its dumb feeling, you you modify its behavior and, consequentemente, she improves its results. I can assure that the people to its redor perceive this change. The people of its relationship go to give to account of its Real and genuine interest in making them to prosper and to grow. Of certain form, you if she becomes a better leader of you yourselves and the others. We are all hardwired.

The progress does not exist when only some advance and others are stop backwards. I am certain of that you must have examples in its history of that when you started to place more the focus in the others, the results you had improved. Without counting the contribution and accomplishment, welfare sensation. To place the focus in the others also increases its motivation. It is not only for the money, is for the feeling to be making something of useful, to construct a legacy. It is the construction of its history. You are making its part and leaving this world a better place. Already the world imagined whole number thinking in such a way? Already imagined all the people of the world acting and knowing that its action has global impact? Therefore she knows that its actions make all the difference. Already we speak in a previous article that its results are a shade of who you have been or of as if have held. The money is one of these shades. the body that generates the shade of the money is to the aggregation of value to the others. To help in this task to add more value to the people, I consider that you if make some questions: 1) With regard to my current business, as what I make aid the people to improve? You have this spirit in its actions? 2) What I can make to become or to keep this genuinely with priority interest in the work that I carry through? 3) What I can make for, daily, strengthening this conscience in my mentality? remembers: it places the tips in practical. Knowledge without action does not bring no benefit. Dumb you guando act. He thinks about this. I hug, happiness and success stops you! Fred Graef