Choosing Memory

USB keys are nothing more than the well-known Pendrive. It is a storage device, this means that it has a flash memory, which allows you to store large amount of data and conserve them even when not connected. It is removable and has a compact, increasingly small and practical format that makes it extremely portable. This USB memory is connected and disconnected from any computer rewritable and is works exactly like any space your computer storage. You can save up to several gigabytes of data, currently with so much capacity, which is very useful to keep their files in the form of back-up, and to safeguard important information with security is well-known use of the pendrive and its advantages. Now, at the time of purchase, what I have in mind to choose it? Mainly the storage capacity, from 1 to 32 gigabytes, this depends on the use that we are going to give and the amount of data that we need to move or protect USB memory. The transfer rate, is the speed at which pass the data from your computer to the USB memory and vice versa. Features encryption, some USB keys have different tools to safeguard the privacy of the data in the memory. Write protection: another way to protect your data is to activate a tool that allows to use the pendrive into read-only mode. Multimedia: mp3 player, USB memory works with a simple software that allows you to play mp3 files and listen to them through a headphone output. Original author and source of the article.