Computer Graphics

Someone still takes the view that no one can become an artist just by pressing the keyboard and mouse on your computer. Creativity can still be elusive but there is some doubt that Images created on a computer to a new level in the world of graphics and art. With the advent of new and improved photo editor from the artist had more opportunities to do what he does best – create. Initially, all of his work ispolzovyvali Adobe Photoshop but when there Corel Photopaint and Paint Shop Pro that continue to be popular even today people have formed a new opinion about computer graphics. But the use of these programs require some new knowledge. Therefore, Microsoft has created a graphic software, Paint, accessible to the average user.

With the advent of digital cameras, the need for increasing and improving the pictures led to the fact that people began to build studio at his home. The development of graphical editors accelerated with the advent of cameras built into mobile phones. The number of graphics file formats and over time has grown. Beginning with modest bit-file 'bmp' were other popular formats – 'JPEG', 'TIFF', 'GIF' and 'TARGA' (. tga).

Using Adobe Photoshop computer graphics would not be complete without Adobe Photoshop. In fact, this program is for power and its capabilities can be compared with operating system for the world of computer graphics. Photoshop tools allow you to retouch images, manipulation, painting and conversion in a matter of minutes. This is much less than traditional image processing methods used by professional photographers. Photoshop uses its own graphics file format (. Psd). Information about the layer can be saved in this format, allowing the user to to make changes later. However, the format '. Psd' is large, and therefore, in some cases it is difficult to transfer it to another computer. Photoshop can also work with several other graphic formats, such such as 'BMP', 'JPEG', 'Gif', etc. Photoshop also allows you to import vector graphics. The latest version allows you to work with several digital formats, making the management of digital images easier to home users. Compared with other software Adobe, Photoshop can be used to create images not only print but also for the internet, animations and movies. An important feature of Photoshop – the presence of plug-ins. With Photoshop plug-in capabilities increased phenomenally. In fact, all abstract images were created with the help of plugins. Effects of grain type, lens flare, degauss etc. very popular with designers. Color correction and manipulation – an important feature of Photoshop, but no less important feature is the ability to use complex transformations on real images. Software Adobe Photoshop – the best solution in the field of computer graphics. With Photoshop you can convert images into different image formats that are suitable for both print and vebgrafiki.