Computer Informatics and Culture

Marketing, consumer culture and its relationship “with the new trends TECNOL” marketing REPORT, THE CULTURE OF CONSUMPTION AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NEW TENDENCE INFORMATICS OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL to Management Professional University Corporation Marketing ABSTRACT Colombia has long been believed that marketing has emerged as a combination of tools to meet specific needs of a group called the market, these tools were classified into product, price, place and promotion. You really need to go back to the early era of economic change and determine how the individual self is different creating a consumer culture, this culture of consumption leads later in the emergence of marketing in the post-modernity, there is marketing as a series of tools to satisfy whims and desires and needs are covered by the macroeconomic phenomena.

Currently a technological tools computer communication processes come looking for bodies on the basis of profitability with the benefit of the symbolic value of each object called Product, these technologies are becoming smaller but their specific market that delivers the message is more timely, reviews Inbox messages on your phone and there you will find the relationship between marketing and new information technologies. a ABSTRACT Through a long time, believe Was Marketing as a combination of tools to Satisfy Needs Called from a specific group Marketing. Were Classified Into These tools product, Price, place and promotion. It is really NECESSARY Economical go back to the age change and how the determinate Being individualistic is differentiate.. Learn more at this site: Michael Michelini.