Computer Programs

But now is not about that. The fact is that if your desired font is not in the employee's computer, you can trust with make-up use this font, then complete the work with this layout, unfortunately, not possible. Fortunately, that today's computer programs in so many "smart" that they can substitute one font to another. And if you're happy with the selected replacement before the headset to "any other", then in writing notify about this service bureau, and quietly wait for your order. If you do not like the replacement option, and you insist on a headset as seen previously on the screen, and then signed by the customer listing, then you should copy the font files on CD-ROM with the final version of the layout (it is better placed in a separate folder), and with it go to the service office.

Thus the course, you are uniquely raise their status in the eyes of the pros on "overprinting". Of course today there are methods of automating this procedure. The function Collect – one of its tasks is to autodetect fonts that you used in the design and up to a specified location on your hard drive. This operation are layout programs and other specialized programs. More on this will be discussed in a separate article. Another method to avoid problems with fonts, it is just convert fonts in graphics. Although all information will then be lost, but preserved the appearance of text. It is worth noting that this option has several advantages.