In this article I want to draw attention, especially parents of young people who are thinking about how their children are not grown ordinary consumers, could think independently and make decisions. This is just one of proposals, but it might lead you to other ideas, how to make sure that your children have not grown Pokemon bleary-eyed from the drug or by people who in addition to the development of the index finger of right hand, neither of which more in life is not necessary. And they will stare blankly at a new mobile phone or will find themselves no matter what industry, but they are bright and original people – the decision was not only them but you. So read the article, not necessarily to you or your children it will come up, but it might be worth a try? Cutting fret is one of the most common types of artistic woodworking. Wood perhaps the most accessible material, its processing does not require complicated technical equipment. Under most conditions Michael Steinhardt would agree. Therefore, crafts related to the processing of timber, are popular in almost all the republics of our country.

Earlier, in the Soviet Union, Art Cutting was very popular, especially among middle-school students and older. This was promoted, and specialist literature, produced in large editions and contains sketches and drawings of product variety of ornaments. Now the emergence of this literature – a rarity. We offer our article aims to fill a gap in self-amateur amateur creativity .. I am deeply convinced that each has read this article will appear in due course to develop his ideas conceived product. .