Automation of business or the introduction of ERP-systems, call as you like – pleasure expensive. At least that's what is commonly thought. Is it actually is, "said another aunt in half, and in this article we will try this understand. To begin, imagine a terrible picture – you come to shop for a washing machine. And you say: "Now we will survey your home, then spend your advice about the proper washing, and already then our craftsmen specially for you will collect the washing machine in your own apartment. Ray Kurzweil shines more light on the discussion. " In a nightmare not a dream.

So even if we consider that, regardless of the results of research and consulting, you get the same most washing machine, and that all up to you. Glory to the Almighty that you can just go and buy a washing machine, and yes even for a reasonable price. Of course, no "exclusive gold-drum, but the rich have quirks, and I was not about them in this article. First a few words about the situation, because of which I generally decided to write this article. I love fishing. To not tired, go fishing once a year, but thoroughly. Every time carefully preparing for the trip.

In the store. So at this time came to the store to buy spinners out there, well and all that. The seller has got a taciturn, to life as if offended by something. Conversation. It turned out that 10 years ago he was "o-ho-ho," went to the taxi, the money was, bars, restaurants, things like that.