The great souls have wills; the weak just from you. Internet has given us new openings for communication and exchange of information that know you properly use collaborates significantly to enterprises, especially to your address apara develop projects, information on administrative topics that favor him. In recent years, the new wave of Internet known as participatory web, or web 2.0 has evolved by facilitating the collaboration of users without technical knowledge in online projects. The importance of the crowdsourcing lies in the possibility that a large number of participating enthusiasts can perform the work of a small group of experienced professionals. The title of the story of Jeff Howe – – is.The Rise of Crowdsourcing (the rise of Crowdsourcing) Wikipedia has been a big bettor on the scope, use and benefits of crowdsourcing. In this regard it reminds us, Crowdsourcing is a term coined by Jeff Howe writer and editor Mark Robinson of the magazine technological Wired.

As well as on outsourcing jobs are sent to outside companies to cut costs in cheaper, such as India and China markets, crowdsourcing is making propose problems and rewards to whom or who solve the problem proposed. Crowd is the term in English crowd and sourcing refers to the obtaining of raw materials (where source is the source, in this case a project English term). Crowdsourcing attempts to replace selective contracts and specific training of workforces through mass participation of volunteers and the application of principles of self-organization. Although this is not a new idea, it is becoming quite popular and has been applied by companies such as Boeing, Dupont and Procter & Gamble, looking to solve their problems on a massive scale through initiatives such as e.g. InnoCentive. It is a collaborative model different from the open source project, known as Open source, where the benefit of collaboration is mutual between the collaborators.