Current History

One Sir counted a history to me of that its brother, when seeing, between the trees, a very strong light in the way for a small farm, of pure curiosity stopped the car in the soil road and, exactly with strong insistence of the wife not to go, if it embrenhou in the weeds. It came back running, white as wax passing badly, and swears to that the white light was of a Flying Record and promises never more so curious being. I believe piously that a logical explanation exists pra this, exactly that let us not have knowledge to understand the occurrence. In another one in case that, a colleague of the type ' ' I only believe vendo' ' that if it put with a espirita community, but it never says to have had capacity to see, therefore it did not believe very, it accepted more if to deal with a type of hypnosis or hallucination, and it did not want to follow the advice of as to act in one definitive meeting for fondness not to be hipnotizado, oath of together feet that exactly without following what they said to it in the session, to have seen to materialize a light spirit well its front, did not only leave running because it was next to relatives, but never more it wanted to participate of the such community. Again I believe that it has a logical explanation for the occurrence, that only one or another person is apt to understand and that one day who knows understands. But inexplicable exactly she is my aunt of 70 years to go to cry ' ' pitangas' ' pra my mother of 80, saying distrustful that my uncle of 92 years arranged loving one. This yes goes beyond my understanding.