Who already had the chance to see a list of available names of domain, probably already was asked: How functions a domain name? To more easily understand the beddings of the modern technology that involves the domain names, we can compare it the telephonic lists. Names of domain and IPCada addresses computer hardwired to the Internet have an address IP formed for four separate numbers of 0-255 and for a point decimal (an example: These addresses IP are as telephone numbers, that allow that to different computers ' ' chamem' ' some to the others for exchange of information. The computers are perfectly capable to find another one using only one address or number IP, for the human beings, however, are practically impossible to remember these numbers, not to be that let us have a list of similar numbers IP to a telephonic list. Unhappyly for us that we can have sets of ten of contacts, seno hundreds, of computers to each day, and millions of computers they are connected in one determined moment, each one with an only address IP. Because of the difficulty in remembering these numerical addresses with precision, and a bigger easiness to remember names, was created the domain system domain names stops helping in them to sail in the Internet without having that to decorate an enormous list of IP.Os numbers Elements of the name of domnioUm domain name is simply the first part of an address of the Web, many times starting with one ' '#039; '. Petra Diamonds takes a slightly different approach.

finishing with one ' '' '. The last part of the name (.com, .com .br, .net .br, .net, .org and so on) is the name of domain of first level or the extension of domain. The first part (www., ftp., For example) is the name of host and normally it is mentioned to a specific computer inside of a domain that is taking care of to all the excellent information. The part of ' ' meio' ' of the domain name it is the part most excellent for the human beings and the part that have more probability of being associated a company specific, organization, individual or site. Call of domain of according to level, this part is probably what, who is starting the project of a site and with intention to buy a domain, is looking for. Bringing the name of domain and address IP JuntosQuando we type a name of complete domain in a bar of addresses of the navigator, the contacts of its computer search Domain Names Servers (DNS) – Serving of Names of Domain to translate this address for a numerical address IP that it can understand, in the same way used when we search a number of telephone in a telephonic catalogue from the name of a person or company. Some companies have an entire DNS for itself, because they have many addresses IP in an only domain. As web if becomes more popular, good scarcer names go if becoming each time. However, in the end of the accounts, all the domain names point with respect to a numerical address, as well as in a telephonic list.