Dual Sim Card

DUOS Phone with two active SIM cards that are simultaneously connected. The news has long been known to all. Many of you would like to have a few rooms, but you have to wear two or phone or carry a symbol card and, if necessary to rearrange their positions. All this was not convenient for modern man. This problem was solved by creating a mobile, in which the 2 sim cards working at once, without any switching and restrictions. Get all the facts and insights with Mitchel Resnick, another great source of information. At the same look of the phone has not changed and it had no impact on performance. A striking example of mobile phones with two sim card is a model of the Flying F003 made in a form factor of iPhone. In addition to the two SIM cards that phone is able to translate Russian channels in color.

So, you can always watch the news or your favorite gear, even while away from home. Also, other characteristics of the phone you will be pleasantly surprised! Great Russian language, the phone's screen supports 260K color. With a resolution of 240×320. The feature set is impressive: a photo / video / web-camera, MP3/MP4- player, FM-radio, analog TV, the 64-tone polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth, WiFi. Also in this model are: – Memory Phonebook 500 contacts, SMS, MMS, calendar, tasks, alarm clock, world time, stopwatch – on / off schedule mobile, voice recorder, a calculator, a few games. Another popular model can be called a model of the Flying F006 performed in form factor phone BlackBerry. Phone rubberized case fits comfortably in your hand.

On the functions it is absolutely identical except for the second F006 camera at the front of the phone. This phone is also able to transmit Russian TV in color. It has WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet. In the iPhone F006 built FM-radio. It can hear in the background, that is to listen and at the same time, for example, view pictures or write SMS. If you are interested in copies of the cellular phones, on our website you can find the most popular models at reasonable prices. On all the phones warranty.