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If you are owner of a Blog for profit must have good management and administration of this to obtain the expected results and more if it is to promote a business online, why you next detail 4 very common mistakes that many owners of blogs comment. 1 Publish all the articles talking about your person: as owner of an e-business, it isn’t prudent to talk about yourself all the time on your blog (unless you are running a personal blog). Remember, your visitors are looking for information that can make use of it and who can solve a problem. It therefore avoids everything the media say about your latest adventures, marital problems or how you were your holidays, unless it mentions that your wonderful vacation were the product of your business on the internet, otherwise, public everything that has to do with the theme of your blog and explore topics that are related to the product or service that you are promoting. 2 Make unnecessarily long publications: you do not you can afford the luxury of doing that your blog’s articles are too long, simply because the people who are visiting your blog generally has limited time, also isn’t the same read from a monitor to read from a book ordinary, simply leave your blog looking for information more summary. Therefore, keep your short, concise and tailored items.

You must inform your readers what they want to say bluntly and without using words be searched. 3. Not check articles before you press the publish button: always remember that your blog represents your personality and your business on the internet, as such it is crucial that your review you writing, spelling and that the content is relevant to your readers read your articles aloud and to obtain the opinion of a third partyYou must not publish your items until you are 100% sure that is impeccable. 4. Do not use keywords correctly: as owner of a blog you should understand the importance of ensuring a better ranking of your blog to successfully promote a business on the internet. How much higher your ranking in the search engines better will be the results, do your best to make your blog appear in listings of search engines as more possible height for each word key that you use in your blog. This will help you dramatically increase your chances of success in the work of promoting a business online.