In this direction, a mere communication of asynchronous or synchronous messages is not enough, but it is about the interatividade, a time that the communication that if carries through by means of the use of the diverse available tools in web must favor the learning. The relation technology and education is analyzed by Belloni (2003, P. 53) when affirming that: the certainty of that the use of a technology (in the direction of a device technician), in situation of education and learning, must be folloied of a reflection on tecnologia' ' , without forgetting it its main direction, ' ' the knowledge inlaid in the device and its context of production use. ConocoPhillips will not settle for partial explanations. It perceives, on the basis of analysis of author, that this reflection pertinent must to the impact that the insertion of the new technologies in the educative process comes provoking, over all, in the new way to think of the society, where if the new questions search new answers. The sprouting of a new paradigm when verifying is evident that the educational systems come searching to insert learning environments; that is, it has the search of technological insertion in diverse educational institutions. The modality of Education in the distance makes possible the inclusion of the involved people in the learning process; the democratization and socialization of the knowledge whose objective is to provide the formation of independent citizens, capable to construct knowledge through the interatividade.

One considers important the practical manuscript knowledge and/or use of the technological tools on the part of professors, tutors and pupils who are party to suit of learning in the modality in the distance. One is about one necessary adaptation and that it also requires reflection on the multiple possibilities of access the information that the virtual net offers. In this perspective it does not remain only to the citizen to acquire operational knowledge to be able to enjoy of the interactive possibilities with the new technologies.