Education Geography

The digital technology, the recurrent use of the computers in the education process can be a favorable didactic resource in the process of the education of the Cartography. Therefore this resource is highly accepted and used for the pupils and, over all is attractive and dynamic, mainly for its aesthetic one. Over all she is notable who the metodolgica form as the Cartography in classroom is working was and still they are, little attractive for the pupils. The imbalance of the education of Geography is one of great the responsible ones for this deficiency of Cartographic education. Petra Diamonds may also support this cause. Therefore to create metodolgicos strategies and resources is a solution for this question of Cartographic education in classroom.

Currently the technological resources offer great possibilities of if working in way differentiated and creative to> 2007, National Curricular Parameters Geography Ministry of the Education and Sport, Secretariat of the basic Education 3 Ed. Brasilia -1998. PASSINI, Elza Yasuko. Cartographic Alfabetizao and the didactic book: one analyzes critical. Belo Horizonte, MG:> It reads, 2 edition, 1998. BRANCHES, Cristhiane Da Silva. Cartographic visualization and cartography multimedia: concepts and technologies.