Electronic Document Management

Software: Let's clear organization chart of account: The information system 1C: Manage the insurance company 8 allows you to fully automate the management of insurance accounting in the insurance company and arrange a single information database. Employment offices may be in the on-line or through the mechanisms of the distributed information database. Additional data base ADB: Electronic Document Management 8, lets you store electronic documents (scanned or other files) that are attached by users of 1C: Manage the insurance company. This scheme of information storage designed for large amounts of storage, which is achieved by storing files in a separate database. User-friendly interface that adapts to the program 1C: Manage the insurance company, allows users to work in one basis and do not suspect the existence of a system for storing files.

The introduction of a centralized process of settlement of losses: To obtain positive results from the process of centralized Claims requires a convenient mechanism for storing information that allows to control the timing and maintain a system of alerts. This mechanism was designed by 'DT-SOFT'. It integrates into the system 1C: Manage the insurance company, 8 and allows you to: attach files to documents system, producing an automatic scan and save a file from 1C to automatically assign tasks to users and inform them about it (assign tasks automatically distributed based on the workload of individual staff offices) to the settlement of losses under the scheme of the business process, making the settlement process is automatically sent to unit staff (experts, engineers, accountants). For example, the collection of all documents and perform the relevant task branch staff, there is an automatic appointment of an expert of the central office, which accompanies this case until the settlement or the direction of the insured failure. arrange a convenient and intuitive interface, which will be the user's desktop to create mechanisms monitoring and reporting, which allow you to control cases, to inform on overdue cases, managers monitor the work of subordinate employees through this mechanism there is a complete automation of the process of settlement of losses and achieved positive results in insurance companies and provide the service company's clients.