Employment Center

It is also possible to ranking among the classes, so students will know that it estimates are needed not only him but also the entire class. That can be more exciting than the competition, with the subtotals that you can watch? High school students will be able to test their preparation for the exam using the terminal. Finding interesting information, the student will be able to share it with my friends. To do this he will need to pass her science teacher. 3) The quality of education due to the appearance of an alternative source of knowledge that is of interest in school. Motivation to learn and interest in knowledge will improve the quality of education.

It is best to remember what we learn on their own, when we are interested. 4) You receive an additional opportunity to discover talents of students. The terminal will provide an opportunity students show their work wide audience and get feedback from them. Poems, paintings, video works, music, computer programs, and more can be accommodated at the terminal. The best poet, musician or the artist can also be rewarded. / p> 5) All useful information about the school in one place. Terminal – is, above all, a single information center where it can store a large amount of information that is provided in convenient form.

It may be information about the overall work of the school announcements for parents, students and teachers. Hard copy – leave in the past: they are inconvenient, costly and often irrelevant. Schools educate future generations so students should have access to advanced technology now. The terminal can store a much larger volume of information compared to paper-based. In this case it may also be a complement to the existing stands and become a reliable assistant students, their parents and staff shkoly.Terminal may provide the following services: Notify parents via sms-service to the parish school and child care from nee.Oplata Additional services provided by service provider shkoloy.Oplata svyazi.Pechat A4 documents (abstracts, papers, etc.). Telephony with terminal student will get access to your personal page, which he calls his parents in the pre-listed nomera.Dostup to various information resources, among which may be site of the school, personal pages of students and teachers, the department's website for Youth, Employment Center, Children's health camps, sports and music schools and so on. The formation of a common information space within the school community, city, state, region. Pupils will be able to communicate with their peers from other schools. Undertake joint activities and events to receive current information on events in the mode of on-line.