English CMS

The world of the Internet is very volatile and dynamic and the way most usual access to the is through web pages. Today there to be an expert or have great computing knowledge or programming to create a web page, since there are many ways in which only by way of clicking and following a few instructions you can achieve the same goal. One of the ways to create a web site quickly and easily this reaching boom in recent times is through the use of the CMS, emerging then the following question: what is a CMS? Of English Content Management System, CMS is a content management system. In other words is a program that allows you to create a structure (framework) support for the creation and management of content. The content manager is a software application used to create, edit, manage and publish digital content in various formats.

The content manager generates dynamic pages interacting with the server to generate the web page under the user’s request, with the predefined format and content extracted from the database of the server. It consists of an interface that controls one or more databases hosting the content on the site. The system allows to handle independently the content and design. It is thus possible to manage the content and give you anytime a different site layout without having to format the content again. Knowing it’s a CMS is to then decide which adapts more to our needs. In a very personal way I have chosen within the vast list of CMS that are in the market to Drupal.

That is Drupal? Drupal is a framework of content management, PHP-based blogging engine and content management system. Drupal is spelling English for the Dutch word druppel which means drop. Drupal has become much more than just a portal of news, thanks to its flexible architecture.