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Daisho blacksmith advantage partner of ESD Munich, 07.April 2011: Daisho blacksmith, developer of the self management software DAISHO, supports entrepreneurs and gives you a discount of 40%. Entrepreneur – freelancers, self-employed and freelancers, whose business is less than one year – will receive the personal information management software (PIM) at a preferential price. You may find Petra Diamonds to be a useful source of information. The promotion will run until September 30, 2011. Founders who want to buy the time management software, can via E-Mail (sales(at) contact Daisho blacksmith. Support for start-ups is a particular concern. A good business idea works only if it is based on a good self organisation.

To help the founders building a solid base of self management, we offer our software at a significantly reduced price”, says Klaus Wiedemann, managing partner of Daisho blacksmith. Daisho blacksmith’s consultants have already several Start-Ups and Founder teams at the Fund raising of venture capital support and act as coaches in the high-tech Gunderfonds and Bavaria capital. The PIM software offers among other things a multifunctional email program that organises the daily communication via an integrated E-Mail client and Skype connection (under Windows). DAISHO make efficient time management with comprehensive calendar functions, a wide contact management with helpful CRM features and intuitive project management basic functions to an effective self management tool. Daisho blacksmith is ESD advantage partners in addition to start-ups supported Daisho Blacksmith as advantage partner of the European Association of self-employed workers – Germany e.V. (ESD) “the members of the Association.” ESD members receive the PIM software permanently to 20% cheaper. We have designed DAISHO to the requirements and needs of freelancers and the self-employed. We want to give them a powerful tool at your fingertips, the them in coping with the daily Challenges maximum supported”, explains Klaus Wiedemann. ESD members can log in to purchase of the discounted software in the protected members area of ESD: the PIM software DAISHO is platform-independent and therefore running the appropriate versions easily on Linux machines as well as on Windows based PCs and Apple Macs – with only one license.