Expanding Cooperation

Teleroute is exclusive partner of Ziegler’s inner French cargo offers agreement on long-term cooperation advanced integration of the freight management with Teleroute SMARTLINK Mainz, November 15, 2010 Teleroute and Ziegler, a European leader in multimodal transport and logistics solutions, have signed a new cooperation agreement. The agreement strengthens the long-term cooperation of both partners and aims at further improving of profitability in the freight and transport management by Ziegler. This customized solutions are specifically on the requirements of Ziegler used. Ziegler is Teleroute customer for more than 20 years. In order to expand the services offered, Teleroute has analysed the specific needs of Ziegler and installed in all European offices of Teleroute SMART LINK.

Teleroute SMART LINK adds a smart and innovative quick overview with a real-time connection to Teleroute. The quick reference simplifies the handling of offers, enables quick access all main features and supports in particular the efficient use of its own resources. A closed user group was established for Ziegler in Europe. By Teleroute SMART LINK the dispatchers of Ziegler can access throughout Europe and in real time each other on all cargo and vehicles, before other Teleroute users get access to the offers. A cargo or vehicle is not allocated, after a short time the offer is automatically transmitted in the open freight exchange.

There, it is then the 70,000 Teleroute customers available. “With Teleroute SMART LINK we improve our cost efficiency, improve our cross-site collaboration and optimize the utilization of our vehicles. We need a partner that provides us with innovative solutions. That’s why we trust Teleroute, to provide us with such solutions”, says Daniel Verschelde, CIO of Ziegler in Europe. Ziegler has expanded its collaboration with Teleroute through the launch of Teleroute SMART LINK. The system connects with the transport management system of Ziegler Freight Exchange from Teleroute. The result is a noticeable improvement of efficiency due to the direct data transmission and extensive avoid of human errors. Under the new agreement, Teleroute is the exclusive partner of Ziegler also for all French domestic freight and cargo services. As a result, all French domestic freight offers exclusively via the Teleroute accessible platform. “We are proud of the renewal of the agreement with Ziegler,” explains Raimundo Diaz, CEO of Teleroute. “By analyzing the requirements of Ziegler and the corresponding customizing of our solutions we offer a very customer-friendly service and an important added value. The extension of our agreement is a clear proof, that we meet the demands of Ziegler and help to increase their efficiency by the continuous development of our freight exchange.” Ziegler is also committed to the Teleroute concept safer marketplace”and for necessary certificates and qualifications regarding Reliability and security deposit. Still, Ziegler has signed the conduct of Teleroute. “This is BBs to a gentlemen agreement” for the behavior on the freight and freight Exchange from Teleroute. The security classification with regard to “Secure market place” is visible to all users of the Teleroute freight exchange. Contact: tele lens route Germany GmbH Peter Buttner Wale 6 55130 Mainz Tel: 06131-9820152 fax: 06131-98201-752 E-Mail: