Expenses Public

Reluctantly, our politicians are informing dropper of its heritage. The richest of the Catalans seems Artur Mas, with half a million euros. Is really not there anyone who exceeds you? The accounts of our politicians are the opposite of the great Captain: in general, they are so poor that one of two, or are incompetent in life or a few liars. Everything is due to the thick informative opacity of our public life. The same that denounces in his latest report, transparency international and that has just always favoring murky corruptions as the Palau de la Musica, the case Pretoria, Francisco Correa, the Brugal, de Palma Arena case and many others. It’s that do not like politicians explain what they do with our money than euphemistic budget items that involve them. Do much, asked about the additional costs of a work of Santiago Calatrava, the Valencian finance manager stated that it was of an internal matter.

As-is. In the end, it is difficult to unravel a dense accounting that the uninitiated are strangers. And it is that politicians forget deliberately that the citizens are their heads and that they must be accountable us. Why, in this information age, State, regional, municipal and other authorities should hang on the Internet every day, every purchase, every expenditure, each picturesque grant and each payment to diffuse advisers so so taxpayers seriously how to spend our money. Would doing so be, what little room for manoeuvre them be then to the scoundrels and the corrupt! Original author and source of the article.