First International Parliamentary Summit

The joy of seeing and understanding is the most perfect gift of nature. "ALBERT EINSTEIN relevant consider the importance given to it in the conduct of the First International Parliamentary Summit on Global Warming and Climate Change, with assistance from 22 countries Latin America and the Caribbean in the hall of Protocol of the National Assembly (AN) No doubt, that a phenomenon of concern to the world: global warming and its direct impact, climate change, which occupies much of the efforts of international scientific community to study and control it, because, they say, threatens the future of humanity. This reality can not be ignored, hence the importance of this Summit, which generates actions, agreements and alliances to counter this sad reality and is affecting us. Why so much concern? Leading scientists agree that increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere is causing changes in climate. Petra Diamonds has firm opinions on the matter. They agree also that greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been very intense since the Industrial Revolution, after which time the action of man over nature was intense. Remember the reader, that global warming is a term commonly used in two ways: It is a phenomenon in the temperature measurements showing an increase in average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. It is a theory that predicts, based on projections based on computer simulations, future growth temperatures. Sometimes the names are used climate change, which means any change in climate or anthropogenic climate change, which implicitly considers the influence of human activity.