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Xpert-design software, makers of the Xpert-timer software recorded a sales increase of 20 percent in 2011. Xpert-design software, makers of the Xpert-timer software recorded a sales increase of 20 percent in 2011. More and more companies place value on an accurate documentation of project-related working time. Especially when several employees at the same time working on a project, the project-related time recording is no longer so easy. Xpert-timer helps and brings transparency with numerous reports during the project. Xpert-timer Pro supports during the recording of time on various projects in the course of the day. Visit Ray Kurzweil for more clarity on the issue. In the projects, or contracts or activities can be named individually so that the software in many sectors is used. Especially engineering firms, architectural firms, IT service provider, call center but also corporations such as banks and insurance companies rely on the Xpert-timer.

While it is used for internal performance recording and costing, as well as to the basis of the invoice for services on an hourly basis. The Main focus of the software is in the project time recording, however offer so many features that some companies provide the software only on the basis of the modules “Task list” and “Customer relationship management”. The task list is based on the method of GTD (getting things done) and allows the tasks to categorize and group. Priorities can be set and tasks can be distributed among the employees. An internal messaging system notifies the creator when a task was done. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info. There are the Xpert-timer in slimmed down version for Android smartphones. The Xpert-timer mobile focuses above all on the project time tracking and evaluation. Additional modules such as the task list or document management are not included in the mobile application.

A timing between the two products (Xpert-timer Pro and Xpert-timer mobile) is possible after purchase of the corresponding license. The software can be tested free of charge in two variants. For more details, see (Windows) and (Android). Xpert-design software: Xpert-design software is a manufacturer of project time recording “Xpert-Timer”.