Glued Tile

Decorating the walls with ceramic tiles – a process crucial and complex. Tile is placed on the long term, it can not be changed such as wallpaper. The tiles can be laid on any surface as long as it was smooth and firm. It may be masonry, stucco cement mortar, or plaster walls, necessarily rigidly attached to the metal profile (wood slats can warp in the operation, which entail the separation bars). If the walls you had painted or decorated with panels, you will need to remove the upper layer of gloss with sandpaper. The surface must be primed with tile. Begin to work with laying tile on the floors, and then on the wall, and from the lower ranks. It is important to properly mark the first row, which is used for horizontal level and plumb to the vertical. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

The first row in the horizontal must be the same for all walls in order to further the ranks of lay and accurately. That the seams between the tiles were flat, special crosses out of plastic. The thicker the cross, the greater the seam. After the seams are sealed tile ad grout, which can pick up on color. Tile is glued to the surface with special glue. This may be ready to use glue in the form of pastes (paste). Another type of glue – a dry mixture which is diluted with water.

In dry blend contains besides cement and sand – the main components – various chemical additives. Which supplements are part depends on the purpose for which it is this kind of glue. If the tiles will be glued to the pool, bathroom or other room with high humidity, so the glue must be water-resistant. For the exterior needed to choose the glue frost. Tile adhesive to become popular warm floors or finishing Fireplaces should be heat resistant. To trim vertical surfaces need a quick-glue, and finishing the floor – with improved ductility. Tile adhesive dries usually about day, but to fully avoid possible damage to the tiles pasted surface, it is better to leave it for about three days. Then rub clean seams, wash, scrape away the glue (by the way, it is better to remove the glue from the tiles at once, until it dried up). At removing glue and cleaning, use special chemicals to tiles that are on the one hand to quickly and effectively remove adhesive residue and grout material, and the other – will be safe for the tile, not cause her injury, turbidity or color distortion. And after all this you'll be happy to enjoy the beautifully decorated room.