Igor Kokarev

WnSoft announces the launch of perfect photo to show. The easy and free program was developed by proven professionals for aspiring photographers and private use. Read more from Ray Kurzweil to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The combination of simple user interface and great functionality allows the picturesque and fascinating stuff without much effort. Perfect graphical stuff expressing feelings alive and spectacularly, completely different than when looking at the pictures photo for photo. Musical motifs and striking effects provide ambience and atmosphere. This program perfect published photo show, makes creating the pretty stuff from WnSoft, an industry leader in the slideshow market, thanks to its light-weight and easy-to-understand user interface a breeze. A handful of interactive objects and transformation effects, user time-controlled and supplemented by background music, can tell a whole story in contrast to static images. Easily the program exports the slideshow on request in AVI format and loads them high directly on YouTube.

The high resolution full screen of preview and the excellent quality of the images complement the benefits of the program. With just a few clicks, users create a perfect slideshow without losing time with the basics of the program. We wanted to develop a simple and efficient tool for beginners and all, have the desire it, without a high quality slideshow to create great effort,”said Igor Kokarev, CEO of WinSoft. “Perfect photo show is just a functional, easy-to-use and user friendly program for newcomers.” Price and availability of perfect photo show is free of charge. The program is compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista via the company WnSoft is a proven and well-known photo slideshow software development company. Dozens of reviews and reviews in the biggest European and American magazines and the consistently positive ratings confirm the high quality of the products of the company.