The night of the ignorance and insensibility is unique tiniebla impenetrable. Infortunio of the blind is immense, irreparable. But it does not prevail to us to share with our resemblances the altruistic action, the friendship, the good humor, the imagination and the wisdom. " (H.K). Helen is an example to want to mark differences based on its capacities and not in the incapacities, always it will be an example than it obtained, it realised and the example that brings to us of certainty. They would remember it to few reason why it could not obtain due to his incapacities. " It is necessary to live learning to recognize what there is of good in the bad thing and what there is of bad in bueno" ; if we based our lives on which we do not own, we are always going to be people with deficiencies, we based if it on our possibilities and potentials we are people total, realised, able to be and dar." It learns to see boy as he is, the love to the reality is the principle of everything educacin" , without meaning that we are going to limit them by our beliefs that they can obtain or God does not allow it to limit them, due to our own limitations.

" There is too much people who consider a strange phenomenon us. When we took a walk that way, they remain watching as if we were a rare tiny beast. For me, to be disabled is like being in the jail, but my chair (of wheels) is like a window by which I can show my face sol." (Andre Soewardjo, Indonesia) We must think and put us in the position of the other to include/understand them and to understand what it really is: " You do not make your fellow which you do not want that they do.