Infantile Education

The Vitae Futurekids together with its partners, is a company of solutions come back toward Education, located in Is Jose of the Campos/SP, that has as objective to spread the Pedagogical and Administrative Use of the New Technologies of the Information and the Communication in the Brazilian public schools of Infantile Education, Basic and Average Education. The program contemplates in its plan of action, the environment implantation new of learning informatizados, with equipment, integrated systems, support in leases, didactic-pedagogical materials, permanent maintenance of the equipment, program of formation and update of the educators, applying knowledge acquired to 8 the curricular procedures. The Planet Education, division of the company Vitae Futurekids, is the first vestibule web of educational and administrative services the Education. By means of its pages, the vestibule offers to the educators and students a great variety of resources, materials and articles directed to the improvement of the education. Search to take care of to the diverse ones you discipline, as well as making use of information on the most varied subjects related to science, new technologies in the school, arts and 9 culture in general. They today exist a gamma of desenvolvedores of the most varied types of OE, since traditional objects (maps, texts, books, archetypes, mockups, etc.) until current digital objects (educational interactive blackboards, softwares, educational vestibules in web, games, etc.). Softwares educaionais (games, simulators, etc.) is one of the resources that came to revolutionize the market of the Education. They can already be seen being used as methodology of learning in some sectors of Education, since schools until companies. on the topic at hand.

A software is considered educational when it is come back toward a teach-learning relation. Games is softwares that they can enclose some areas. An example inside of the Education is in the school of music, Guitar Hero and Rock Band can be seen as educational tools. Two products that are in the entreterimento market and that already they adentraram in the educational world, both developed by the Harmonix company.