Internet Connection Windows

Imagine that they are in a Hotel, or they are in a place where scarcely have internet cable, but you want to connect their Iphones, or other laptops of any of their friends, relatives, etc. Would that do? Because stranded, can not clear even before reading this post could not be. But as there are always innovative things in this internet, I am going to leave a trick that will allow them to use your laptop to share your internet connection, or use our laptop as a wireless router, in other words sounds interesting no. Fortunately, Windows 7, includes a very useful option that allows us to share our wired connection and relay it via WiFi. In a nutshell, we turn our laptop into an access point to the web so that other devices can also be connected to this. The problem? That Windows 7 does not bring tools to configure or manage these options, so today we will see two services which allow us to enable this connection type in a simple way. Virtual Access Point an excellent alternative is Virtual Access Point Tool.

The more interesting even this, is is not necessary to install any additional, only program need to have Java installed, the Virtual Access Point Tool page for Windows 7, is very simple, just have to enter the SSID (name of your temporary network), and the Key(Clave Seguridad), and press Turn On Soft AP, and if all goes welllaptops or wireless devices will begin to detect the newly created Wifi network. If re-position stop the service, just simply press Turn Off Soft AP. Link: Virtual Access Point Connectify shared connection to the internet from a Laptop if the previous software did not work them, don’t worry is another option to try, called Connectify. The operation is very similar to the previous procedure, only we have to enter the name for the network SSID and password for the network, and ready to navigate using our laptop as a router. The advantages of Connectify, is that it uses encryption WPA2 (safer than Virtual Access Point), and in fact, lets us see how many clients are connected to the same time.