Internet Explorer

Notorious worldwide wasps Windows7 already gained a wide range of users. Seven has not only updated the interface, but also full of new or updated features. If you look at the electronic textbook has Windows7 a lot of interesting and useful. Advantages of this operating system many say. This, for example, and a very strong performance (acceleration start the computer), the increased speed indexing and search Short downtime during the diagnosis, improved nutrition (more battery life on portable computers) and much more.

Windows7 has absorbed a large number of useful applications and features to simplify work with a personal computer. More detailed focus on speech recognition Windows7. It was invented in order to run the OS without the support of the mouse and keyboard. Speech recognition system dates back to Vista, however was very crude and dull. With the updated service user voice recognition in the operating system have the ability, through voice, direct your own computer. Using this function for users of seven new opportunities in the management of the computer voice. For example, you can easily open the application, change file extensions, change system settings, recognize audio and convert it into text that can also dictate text and own computer then edit it using your voice.

So fixed a error tone will not need much effort, it is only necessary just say the command 'Fixed'. This function is the so-called list of matches, which may be added erroneously recognized words. Voice recognition system trained to fill in online forms During the web-surfing with Internet Explorer and in the subsequent possibility to edit the text. To use the voice recognition is required to have a microphone connected to your PC and run the individual settings. First need to make a new profile. This profile of speech and will become a pattern with typical phrases with which recognition is carried out and the computer. Post a user runs a standard phrases direction of the master of voice recognition. Passage of this tutorial takes about half an hour. Over time, if you use voice recognition utility profile speech improved, thereby improving recognition. Today, speech recognition Windows7 supports 4 languages: British, Spanish, German, fr., Chinese and Japanese. However, the rate of release of the official service pack is expected to help for the Russian language. Speech recognition, Windows7 will be also implemented in other software products from Microsoft such as Microsoft Office 2010 beta version of Exchange Server 2010 with a new voice mail. Speech recognition will complement the main interface, new software products. Zig Serefin, head of the developers of speech recognition at Microsoft said that the vote will be a new kind of interface for the operating system, and is the latest technology, along with a touch control computers. In the near future, voice control will be as familiar as using a mouse and keyboard. Microsoft has stressed that the speech recognition system is not on the graph to fresh and this concept for over ten years, and came up with its CEO Bill Gates. And now it is reality.