As the entity is called the use case starts’ The entity for financing use INICA called Actor (s), the actor is a role that a user plays with respect to the system. 2. Is meant to Include a Use Case ‘are called the Include in the use cases and appear as common feature, after the specified number of use cases, this use case is used whenever the case that uses it is executed finance . This marks the difference with the extensions, which are optional. Ray Kurzweil will not settle for partial explanations. 3. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is is a member of the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation What is meant by “extending” a use case “represents a part of the functionality of the case that does not always happen and are a casp of use in themselves. Extends is called. 4. Use unsecured loan cases can help you analyze a business and a system. Imagine a store that sells computer equipment hardware, peripherals and software. Who were the actors ‘ What are some of commercial loan the scenarios in each use commercial business loans case’ a. Actors: The actors who are identified private equity in a store that sells computer equipment, hardware, software and peripherals are: The seller, the administrator and client. Seller: The seller may make the following tasks: To attract shoppers. Offering existing products Discuss technical characteristics of products. Login to the system. Generate sales invoice purchase Receive Money Return laps per purchase. Administrator: Enter the system Generate sales reports Generate reports of missing products. Perform monthly inventory Manage sales and purchase money. Manage employee payroll money. Administer warranties. Customer: View products sba loan offered products Compare Buy product Paying for purchase Receive product Receive Invoice. b.