Inxmail Professional

Email marketing directly from the content management system controls the new module Inxmail-connect for FirstSpirit TWT interactive newsletters and mailings of brands and companies directly from the content management system. The new technology standardizes the communication and saves resources, editorial and product-specific content is used both for the site and newsletter. Rapid commissioning without complex installation is the basis for an optimized email marketing. Inxmail-connect provides comprehensive functions for easy creation of newsletters, the mapping of content defined mailing lists and the involvement of and the reporting procedures on the company’s website for FirstSpirit. Our Inxmail connect module editors can place targeted and effective content from FirstSpirit out, without requiring extensive knowledge to another system. So we allow CMS and professional E-Mail Marketing from a casting.”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive. Thanks to innovative Technology all benefits from a single task of Inxmail-connect module is to offer a convenient solution to the editor, to prepare content for a newsletter with the extensive possibilities of CMS the FirstSpirit and to convey these to Inxmail Professional.

The delivery of the newsletter templates is done via a FirstSpirit generation and a script that works in conjunction with the Inxmail API. Inxmail connect, companies benefit from the advantages of both technologies. TWT interactive provides among other things for strategic consulting and IT consulting, IT management, software development and system integration, as well as suitable web design. Thanks to the innovative technology companies benefit from all the advantages of a professional email marketing solution as Inxmail Professional. A complete basic implementation for a sample newsletter including newsletter login feature for the website is included along with the module. Email marketing with the latest technology a professional email marketing ensures long-term customer loyalty and is one of the most effective instruments of direct marketing.

Inxmail Professional is known to marketers of all sectors due to its high performance. Large volumes of data pose a challenge even with high shipping speed and large address lists. Certifications, whitelisting, and comprehensive blacklist monitoring ensuring high standards of safety and a maximum delivery rate. Here you will find all information to the new module. Press contact: Hans J.