ISO Sanitatshaus

The Sanitatshaus informed Shrikes from Bochum in particular the doubtlessly quality and sense of responsibility are the decisive criteria for customer satisfaction, because these need reliable and qualitative products, uncompromisingly can use them. A certified quality management system EN ISO 9001:2008 DIN is indispensable in the modern corporate governance of therefore a medical. Because a certification shows customers that great emphasis is placed on quality. The Sanitatshaus Shrikes from Bochum has in addition to the certification DIN ISO 13485: 2010 via a certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and informed about the benefits of quality management. Quality management system for outstanding performance of a quality management system contributes to securing and improving existing quality standards and offers many advantages. Consistent corporate analyses create lasting quality. That strengthens the competitive edge over other companies and leaves a positive reputation among the customers. Quality management also has a positive impact on the service providers, because they make their procurement on the certification of a medical.

In addition to these advantages of quality management, there are more, which make this area for each doubtlessly indispensable. In the framework of the quality management system, employees are trained and motivated, so that the professional qualifications as well as quality awareness always up to date is a quality management system contributes to a stable partnership with suppliers, so that customers permanently can expect the same quality you a consumption – and needs-based delivery through continuous collusion enables the patients in terms of their needs a continuous exchange of information with the payers promotes the reduction or elimination of errors and losses, Physicians and nursing staff as well as members takes place and increases the quality on ensures all levels which is product safety and quality, taking into account all applicable standards and laws for detailed information on quality management in the doubtlessly the Sanitatshaus available Shrikes from Bochum at any time.