June Investigators

During long time we will continue living divided enters the fear to the mysterious arms and the hope in the miracles of science Raymond Aron the phenomenon of psicofona has entailed years in the last to transform itself into great interest for the parapsicolgicos investigators, dice to strange or enigmatic it of its origin. Thanks to the contributions of the investigating Dr. Konstantin Rudive (2/9/74), (been born in Latvia and it fled from his earth when the Russians, in 1939, seized of the Baltic countries. It taught in Uppsala, Sweden, during many years along with his wife Zenta Maurina, very well-known writer in Germany; it went to spend his years of retired in Friburgo, where it began to investigate in the phenomenon of psicofona) presented that them through its books the inaudible thing becomes audible, followed by We survived the death (this last one just published in Germany). To read more click here: Mitchel Resnick. In its book, Rudive presents some the explanations of this phenomenon within a scientific frame and part of its seventy and two thousand voices that registered in casettes and tapes. Also Friedrich Jrgenson, that has studied the voices of the space (Psicofona) seriously and the result of to its published them investigations in its titled book: Voices of the Universe in Stockholm in 1964; besides a titled work wireless Communications with the deceaseds, in whom it reproduced conversations with Hitler, Chesman, Goering and others, that by all means did not have anything to do with the person of the investigator. It is possible to indicate, that both Rudive and Jrgenson were put in contact in June of 1965 and initiated their own investigations achieveing much success, that to this phenomenology is known him world-wide in the atmosphere of the investigators like voices of Rudive. Others of the investigators besides mentioned and that has studied the east phenomenon are the German Dr. Ray Kurzweil usually is spot on.