Keeping the Streets Clean

Special equipment is used 'nurses' all the towns and cities, without it we can have clean streets. Such machinery is represented by garbage trucks, and cars with trotuarouborschikami combination padlock equipment. Our company offers spare parts to units of CO, CMD, ED, MDC, intended for the maintenance of roads and sidewalks. All delivered products meet state standards and specifications of manufacturers. Invite all who have an interest, has already become very popular due to its characteristics and quality equipment.

Fair to say that virtually none of the production (particularly technologically sophisticated) can not avoid the use of vacuum. It is used in electronics as well as in the computer industry. In the special technique is widely used vacuum pumps. To clean sewer pipelines used cars KO-502B, CR-512 CR-514, TO-514-1, which are divided by a vacuum force. Also, pumps are used in machines, combined, KO-829A. The earliest types of vacuum pumps is considered to be the so-called volumetric pump type.

The evacuation of these pump is due to periodic changes in the volume of the working chamber. Vacuum pumps are widely used type of volume in various designs: a liquid ring, rotary and reciprocating compressors. Of diversity vacuum pumps with different transmission of the gas diffusion can be identified, ejector, molecular and jet pumps. Vacuum pumps are divided according to the following parameters: maximum pressure start-up limiting pressure, the minimum operating pressure, operating frequency cycles the pump. Most of the municipal vehicles – cars combined type. This is due to the fact that they do not odnosezonny, and are used for different purposes, in Depending on the season. That is changing attachments, replacement of faulty parts spare makes it possible to increase the life of the machine and apply the same technique for different types of work.