Lake Constance

12 you will find pieces of cream of rice, House doctor, Sebra and apparatus, Nordal is a small online shop to browse and fall in love with When four about 4 years ago started with our shop, we were aiming to sell the most beautiful items of Danish manufacturers. Since at this time still not a very good range was offered online, we could win the market for us. Our shop to one of the most important providers in this segment grew along with a very loyal clientele and our unconditional customer orientation. With our approximately 1000 products, we offer our clients a well sorted range with carefully selected articles. It is us not so much on the ground, instead of class and quality that we sell.

As the online trade often represents a very impersonal work with our customers, we have decided about two years ago to include a walk-through presentation area. In our showroom in uberlingen on Lake Constance, port str. 6, our customers can a personal impression Danish lifestyles get and is kidnapped in this colorful world. The majority of our customers combine their visit with a trip to the scenic Lake Constance. Living like the new collection of rice and House doctor is beautiful along with the detailed lamps by Taj Wood simply fabulous. Stylish decorating, lamps, quilts and baskets provide much inspiration for your home. Especially to the heart we want also the seat cushions and textiles. For the right summer feeling look but our joys of summer with the funny acrylic painting glass.

Kitchen love table and kitchen happier to make with the colorful melamine series of rice which is ideal for daily use, outdoor, and children, is very close to the heart. With the hand-painted Tuscan ceramic dinnerware series will each eat a treat, even the cappuccino tastes better from the beautiful cups. The colorful kitchen gadgets, mugs, plates and spoons are especially great gifts. Children’s dreams happy children are something Wonderful! Take some pleasure in the nursery with the animals wallpaper, wall stickers and playful lamps. Baskets and boxes for toys help to keep order and with blankets and pillows, they conjure up the right ambience in the nursery. The time sets or hobbyhorses are great as a gift. Of course, we have the perfect decoration for your next birthday party.