Like Being Successful In The Comics According To Stan Lee

There is something magical about Stan Lee: It is like a superhero disguised with a buttoned shirt and trousers color cinnamon. Its powerful voice and its magnetic behavior make fall the jaws and the eyes are abren throughout in the different rooms where it presents/displays his conference on like being successful in comics. Stan Lee most of played an important role in the creation of the favorite superheroes of cmics of the world at present. It conceived and it wrote extensive lines of the history of Spider-Man (the Man Spider), the Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, the Four Fantastic ones, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and other many superheroes and villains for Marvel. Altogether, it has contributed to the 90 percent of the personages of the company of cmics and it made to traverse marketing and licenses recognizable and popular. It has been the promotion done by Lee and the concession of licenses of those personages which has given to its company a lasting influence him. From 1965, the superheroes of Marvel have jumped of the pages of cmics to disguises and stores of toys, cartoons Saturdays in the morning and famous films. He is not scared to confront serious problems, is more, used ” The Amazing Spider-Man” in order to discuss the social problems of the drug abuse in 1971.

Many of the superheroes and villains of Lee are complicated personages, which allows him to weave social debates in cmics which they help to fortify the social weave. Personages of X-Men like ” Professor X” and ” Magneto” , for example, they fight with opposite philosophies but like mutant strangers who are persecuted – and they are outside the law – but always considering the importance of the ethics, something that can be seen in the real life in any reporter of television without existing what is the moral ethics. In spite of its success, the fame and the fortune, Lee approach fans of a very personal way with the idea to impel its creations like its company Marvel Comics. In all comic strips, ” writes a called column; Soapbox Stan” , as well as a called page ” Bullpen Boletines” , in that it writes directly to the reader, more like a letter of a friend who a letter of the publisher.