Management Company

The federal program overhaul is gaining momentum. Today the Russians have a unique opportunity – to repair their apartment buildings for only 5% of the cost. For other opinions and approaches, find out what kevin ulrich has to say. To participate in the program, residents to form a hoa, or choose a private asset management company (MC), concluding with her contract for services at home. Practice shows that many owners prefer this option as more simple. Indeed, for all the worries are borne by the operating organization, and not tenants.

However, remember that the result of repair (as well as the quality of future care homes) in this case depends on the competence and Integrity of the Professional Code. Therefore, its choice should come with a special focus, evaluating all the criteria for its work. Value for money services, this figure – one of the key. To explore all available in the market offers, have to do some research. Information about services and prices of some of the Professional Code can be found on the website of the municipality. The rest need to request price list. Should be guided by the average figures. Overvalued "Price" raises a reasonable question: why a management company? High prices do not always mean high quality.

Very low cost of services should also be alerted, after all, their quality may be low. "It is clear that we can find the Professional Code, which will take exactly 20 cents for the operation of an apartment. meters, but she and the work will be done exactly for 20 cents.