Memorization Los Principles

THE development of memory is a skill that most would like to practice, although only a few decide to practice, what they don’t know is that there are techniques and memorization exercises that are extremely simple, everyone can develop mind Oh mind incredible levels human is one of the most wonderful tool that is conceived, in a nutshell is where we analyzeWe think, we learn, we chose, we imagine, we love (so, love does not come from the heart), etc. At the same time is extremely complex since it has different levels or subconscious: the lower self or subconscious, the Middle I or consciousness and self Superior or superego. To understand it a little more, pay attention to the following: when you leave work for a hard day’s work, vas driving course to your House and you get lost in different thoughts, you can imagine several things while they driving. When you react you realize that you’re at the entrance of your home. You manejaste all the way, you detuviste in each signal at traffic lights, without being aware of what they were doing, who did all this? Your subconscious, which you scheduled through the practice.

Now what time? Almost all of our memory, our imagination etc. is in the subconscious There is where they have to focus on memorization exercises to have a real and accelerated development of our memory. But that is the memory? Is where is received, processed, archived and retains all information, such as a computer’s memory, the difference is that human memory suffers constant changes that is mixed with emotions, feelings and different stimuli. As you mentioned above the memory is in the subconscious and is impossible to control it in its entirety, although with correct memorization exercises you can control it in 99% the first thing that must be done is not despair, because that development occurs in a progressive manner. To start just want to give you a few little tips, but highly effective to keep your mind in shape (which I will adding new articles) get to work! -Play Sudoku, if you do not know it is a puzzle of numbers which is becoming very popular, can I acquired magazines with these games in the magazines post or looking for some online, maybe that at first you break you a little head but then truthful it is entertaining and at the same time you keep your mind working at an excellent rate. -Performs tasks which you are not familiar, when you do your mind to work triple since he is learning new things and not just in theory but that these performing physically. But if these happy with your daily work what you can do is change your objects in place, change the place where guards the keys for example, this will keep your mind alert since always knowing where the leave your mind will be relaxed. -Displays, this is powerful and one of my favorites, when viewing is easier to remember things, I am sure that if we intend to we can remember to detail any film that we He liked. If you have to remember a text imagine as if it were watching what is narrated in the. I would like to me to leave a comment on this article you just read and also tell me a little and tell me which is your main frustration when trying to remember or memorize something, I’ll be personally answering your questions and comments.