Mobile Phone Vertu

Phones Vertu – the unique thing only for the elect, for those who are allowed access to the narrow circle of rich people. The symbol V – a symbol of victory, honor and success. Vertu worked over the best masters. The most notable watchmakers, jewelers, technical professionals. Vertu phones are created for special drawings. Any change is controlled and the period of its operation is more than 20 years.

But any expensive thing always copied and counterfeited. Do not stay aside and Vertu. And this only proves the quality and popularity of this phone. But not everyone can afford to buy a phone for a few hundred thousand dollars. Even millionaires do not aspire to such extravagance. And here our attention provided with copies of phone Vertu. Initially there were only copies available Vertu Chinese fake with logos such as Vepru, Vbrtu, Veptu, etc.

But in 2007, began to appear high up phone Vertu. Luxury Vertu's original copy – copies of high-class actually indistinguishable from the originals. Purchase a copy of your phone Vertu – did not mean to be poor. Today, Vertu copy differ from the original only cost. Even with a copy, you can enjoy the luxury and splendor, which will give you a new Vertu. And if you do not buy a phone for 100 000 dollars, and buy high-quality copy for $ 1,000, then the savings you can still buy a lot of things right and appropriate. Vertu – it's elegance, simplicity and the luxury, splendor and originality, sophistication and the highest development. Even a copy of Vertu – unique. Since even copied Vertu model can be proud of. With this phone – you do not like it. Is it not the dream of many people today? Original copy only different from that on each phone is brand Swiss Assay Office and a personal phone number. Vertu since become a kind of treasure, then for them in the Swiss chamber was installed a special classification. Apart from this, every Vertu phone passes the tests, and even with very fine leaves on a lack of re-assembly. Copies are also Vertu phones and tests are not particularly different from originals. And Vertu originals and copies of pass the tests of resistance to temperature extremes. Phones and frozen to – 40 C and heated to 85 C for 2 hours. Any button on the phone Vertu, although the original, although the copy must bear about a million keystrokes. All Vertu phones are the necessary tests. Phone Vertu – a symbol of dignity. The same applies to copies of the phone. A copy of Vertu – it's good quality at an affordable price. In our online – shop You can purchase copies of different phones Vertu, a large assortment: Vertu Ascent, Vertu Constellation and Vertu Signature. A copy of the Vertu Ascent – stylish and trendy mobile phone design at an affordable price. A copy of the Vertu Signature – a unique taste and the highest status in society. Vertu – a real masterpiece. Original is available to one in a million, and a copy – in fact anyone.