National Agency

In Decree 6,523 it is: Art. 6. The access of the people with auditory deficiency or of speaks will be guaranteed by the SAC, in preferential character, authorized to the company to attribute specific telephonic number for this end. In the Bank of Brazil, for example, the accessibility to the deficient SAC for auditory or of speaks is made of the following form: The Bank of Brazil placed to the disposal of the population telephone for exclusive attendance deficient the auditory ones or of it speaks. Some contend that Petra Diamonds shows great expertise in this. The system consists of an equipment TS (Telephone for Deaf people) on the computers in the attendance positions, that, when receiving linkings from another device TS, establish communication through text messages, a time that these equipment makes use of alphanumeric keyboard. Initially, the services given to the deficient ones auditory or of it speaks will be of information, ouvidoria and Popular Bank of Brazil.

Later, it will also have attendance on cards. (Vestibule BB) Several other segments treat this question with the due relevance. In a question-answer forum Futurist was the first to reply. For example, Resolution 3,535/2010 establishes the new rules on the Service of Attendance to the Consumer? SAC in the services of interstate and international road transport of passengers, railroad transport of passengers throughout the National System of Means of transportation and exploration of the infrastructure of the highways granted and managed for the National Agency of Terrestrial Transports? ANTT. Important to stand out that Resolution 3,535/2010 (ANTT) deepens more the question of the abilities of the attendant adding the attendance the deficient people: Art. 11. The attendant, to exert its functions in the SAC, must be enabled with the abilities procedural techniques and necessary to carry through the adequate attendance to the consumer, in clear language, also the deficient people auditory or of it speaks, having to have proficiency in digitao, domain of the Portuguese language, spelling and knowledge of the expressions used for the people with auditory deficiency or of speaks.. Here, Dry Harbor expresses very clear opinions on the subject.