New Tools Allow Joint Settlement By EBay And Shop Sales

Processing of eBay, xt-Commerce, time Lux Gambio sales which have software developers from specializes in programs for eBay sellers and offer the BayOrganizer 8.20 as all-round tool for the auction settlement and others. For this program, two extensions are now. They allow it, even the sales from xt: Commerce – and time Lux-shops with the management to take over. Also the BayExporter 1.0 goes in this direction. The tool reads eBay sales through the eBay API and sets off for further processing in a billing document in a CSV file. eBay seller set the BayOrganizer 8.20.

The sales software takes care of the transaction on this popular marketplace. For this purpose, the program reads the current sales on the eBay API and manages in its own database. The BayOrganizer also handles communication with buyers, print invoices, and cares about the reviews. Due to the BayOrganizer two extensions are available. Mathias Gerlach from target the extensions it is to make the BayOrganizer also for sellers who offer their goods and services not only on the eBay platform, but also in a classic online shop.

The xt: Commerce plugin for the BayOrganizer now also allows to handle sales, which a xt: Commerce 3.04 shop generated – or a shop system that is based on this standard (E.g. Gambio). In addition, extension available is also a time Lux. Dealing with it, to import sales from this shop system. Both extensions are by default available in the trial version of the BayOrganizer. Those who already use a full version of the software, you may request a test license from Both extensions cost 75 euros each in the licensed version. BayExporter 1.0: eBay sales in the invoice take over in addition offered from now the BayExporter 1.0. The Windows program care own eBay sales for the individual processing in one Order processing, to take over a billing or a goods economy. In this way, it is possible to settle sales realized through eBay with the goods sold on eBay not together in the usual software. The seller saves therefore the manual transfer of data or a double machining. So can save a lot of time and money. The BayExporter 1.0 is very easy to use. The program queries the own eBay sales directly via the eBay API and it automatically writes in a CSV export file. This CSV file can easily take over in any further software. What data and information in the CSV file are written into it, determines the user itself, by the way. Even as he purports also formatting the CSV file. Mathias Gerlach: The BayExporter can work with multiple eBay accounts and call them separately or together. It support all offer types such as auction, power auctions, fix price and shop fix price. Apart from the unique The BayExporter license costs no additional running costs. Even with this software we have set ourselves the target to allow a seller, both to manage sales from eBay as well as from an ordinary online store together in a single software. The BayExporter is Scheduler via the Windows Task Scheduler or the Orange off time-controlled call and can easily be controlled via control parameters. The program is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. There is a free trial version (2.3 MB) available.