Organizacional Management In Time Of Changes

Organizacional management – Changes Are many the changes that are happening in the organizacional world. Had to the highly competitive market in which we are inserted, these changes occur with more rapidity to each day. Advanced technology, informed and consequently more demanding computerization, competition (direct and indirect), customers each time more are some of the examples of these changes. The ambient conscience also is one of the factors of changes in the organizacional world. The companies who if worry about the social responsibility have conquered considerable space in the market.

The organizations long for its prominence in the market in which they act. But this is not an easy task. For this it must be prepared or even though to the front of the changes that happen to its redor. The consumers nowadays have easinesses in the information and not only search acquired quality in its products and services, but yes, a differential. So that a company if has detached in the market it must be intent to the necessities and to search the satisfaction of its customers, and this to remain itself brought up to date is basic, must search the improvement continues in its processes and products and to always innovate, therefore it is this that attracts the customers for the consumption. By means of these diversities, the paper of the manager is mainly to remain itself informed, able, searching knowledge in the segment which acts.

To be a facilitador for its company, to know, to motivate and to guide its team, to stipulate objectives and well definite and clear goals. The necessary manager to be intent to the scene in which its company acts and to the external and internal factors. So that he can search innovative solutions and excellency in the results. A manager must beyond having knowledge specific technician, must have ability to deal with people. With the existence of new technologies and services, the companies need to adjust it a new reality, where the knowledge becomes much more special a economic resource of what the raw material, and many times more than what the economic capital. In this aspect, she can yourself be calculated importance of the people in the organizations. The intellectual capital is basic for the growth of the company, and is paper of the manager to form the professionals and to hold back these talentos. In the age of the information, the resource most important left of being the financial capital to be the intellectual capital, based in the knowledge. The value of market of the organizations does not depend more only on its physical patrimonial value, but mainly of its intellectual capital the manager must contribute for the organizacional effectiveness helping the organization to reach its objectives and to carry through its mission, to provide competitiveness to the organization, to provide to the company trained and motivated people, to increase the auto-accomplishment and the satisfaction of the people in the work, to develop and to keep quality of life in the work, to manage and to stimulate the change keeping politics ethics and socially responsible behavior.