review pollution monitoring and proactive maintenance practices and recommend their improvements. Check the specifications of use of lubricants and setting standards for acquisition and reception of these. To propose ways of integrating the monitoring of oils with other techniques and current practices for maintenance of the organization. Propose personnel training needs and prepare the documentation of procedures or manuals of operation. When the audit is completed, a detailed report of what was found and becomes the recommendations of actions of high profit. The Organization must then begin the process of turning these recommendations into specific action plans, with its corresponding detail and task allocation.

The designed program must include; some modifications to equipment and facilities required, investment and installation in circuits of purification, equipment of monitoring and points of testing, design and plan of monitoring, software acquisition and management of the data of monitoring for proactive and predictive maintenance actions, actions of control over standard specifications and procedures and monitoring necessary to maintain the objective condition of equipment and lubricants. b) transferring and training to the appropriate procedure: when the Tribology of a production plant condition is required at its highest level, through a programme of management in lubrication, the teaching and training of personnel in this not be dodged. Training is a critical element in any process of change. Instruction and training In Situ, when taught professionally, generates confidence in the process and understanding of its causes and immediate and future goals. Insofar as maintenance specialists possess clarity and understanding regarding the planned changes, including its purpose, goals and objectives, are able to achieve its mission. The credibility of the training programmes is vital, especially if it requires profound changes for the new program. This training should be strongly supported by external specialists, in addition to incorporating an independent perspective to the classroom, introducing experiences from other companies and He serves as a consultant.