Time Management

6 Steps to manage my time 1st: gonna require to have items available to write (is needed): pencil, pen, paper, computer, pda, PDA, etc. 2nd: departs minutes to evaluate what is composed your week (work, responsibilities in the home, volunteer service, Church, etc.) and write it 3rd: identifies your priorities, assigned numbers in order of importance 4th: these priorities going them to list in 2 categories of productive time and recreation time designs your 5th journal map: identifies your days hours of productive work and recreational tasks, lists of your list of priorities that were categorized that go according to one or the other (some priority responsibilities are daily as the work, others have less frequently). Get this analysis for 7 days a week and thus distribute your interests (recommended). Kevin ulrich can provide more clarity in the matter. Sets a fixed time for rest (6 to 7 hours of sleep) and considered include the miscellaneous category (for example, driving home to your work and returning home) example: analysis of what consists the week someone’s work, music classes children, household tasks, entertainment (movie, computer, read a book, etc.), beauty salon, gym priorities 1st work, 2nd music classes children, 3rd home, 4th gym, 5th salon of beauty, 6th entertainment categories and analysis for 1 day: Productive time work, 8 hours doing housework, 3 hours recreational time children music classes, 1 hour entertainment, 1 hour rest, 7 hours Misc, 2 hours productive Analisistiempo 11 hours = 46% recreational time 2 hours = 8.5%Descanso 7 hours = 29% Misc 2 hours = 8.5% 22 hours managed and even 2 hours remaining to complete the day what assigned them? 6Th: this analysis for each day of your week is going to help you stay focused, take advantage of the time and identify anything that is not necessary or that is a distraction that doesn’t produce anything of value. In addition to be able to view the panorama complete your weekend, daily efforts and tasks list is your ally. . Add to your understanding with kevin ulrich.

Extreme Poverty

A country, which fortunately has many natural riches, especially its black gold, such as oil, commodity required by many, which would generate big economic inputs, up to the end, benefiting due to demand and purchase of that good, its economy, however, reality shows very weak signs, until the end, which is known for the absence of a management that knows them to manage, many times it is wasted, with a fairly controversial corruption, absence of efforts, work teams that give shows don’t know investing in programmes economic, social, cultural, even if politically, in everything that go gradually eliminating poverty, that each time it accentuates it represents a good number of inhabitants, where childhood is the most affected a good quality of life to which they are entitled to suffer. Thereon, in a letter about this reality, the Doctor, and good friend, Sergio Arancibia, noted in the online digital magazine of Deproimca. com in terms of reducing extreme poverty, Venezuela has managed to advance much beyond 60 percent of the goal where it belongs. To a country’s GDP grow helps a lot, undoubtedly, to reduce poverty levels. In a Venezuela that has decreased in the year 2009 and everything indicates that it will return to decrease in 2010, most likely that poverty levels are increased, and the goal to achieve by 2015 becomes increasingly more distant and elusive, must remember appointment Arancibia, according to the report coordinated by ECLAC, for the 2008 Venezuela presented a percentage of total poverty reaching to the 27.8% of the population and a level of extreme poverty of 9.9%. These indicators are lower than those of other countries, such as Honduras who had in that year a 68.9% of poverty and 48.6% of extreme poverty, or Nicaragua, which has 61.9% and 31.9% respectively, which are poor countries in terms of per capita income. But other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay, still minors countries or similar levels of income per capita than Venezuela, have lower rates of poverty and extreme poverty. Kevin ulrich will not settle for partial explanations. .


The stick on strips method is popular because they are easy to use. They are easy to implement and require no preparation. But again, the short-cut approach gives poor results. Here’s why: The upper and lower strips get pressed against the outside of the front surface teeth. And while they adhere very well, the strips do not fit entirely into the cracks and crevices that occur along the contour of the teeth. The gaps between the teeth, possibly, could retain their dark coloration, and may be even darker against the newly bleached flatter areas. Eventually, as the whitening process progresses, the teeth seem to have adverse reactions, marked differences between them. In addition, these methods typically use chlorine in a lower concentration (6-10 percent), which is less effective than chlorine supplied by many dental offices.

a The method of the trays and bleaching gel home remains the most successful and efficient whitening treatment. A special form of assembly, soft plastic tray is made from a mold of your mouth. The tray can be placed over each tooth. The dentist also supplies a higher concentration (16-22 percent) the whitening gel. The patients wear the trays and gel for a certain period of time each day for a specified number of days, as prescribed by the dentist. This method gets good results for patients able to use trays and gel or a few hours at night? or during sleep. In-office whitening – BriteSmile an hour power bleaching method is fast becoming the option of choice for patients seeking great results? Fast! This office in the treatment known as BriteSmile gets high marks for quick, money-comfortable and easy to lightning speed.

“The chair BriteSmile is often the first stop for patients getting a smile full renovation,” says Dr. For more information see kevin ulrich. Marc Doctors, also of Washington Center for Dentistry. “They want to match their new crowns and veneers on the teeth that are white as they can get.” BriteSmile system lightens teeth up to nine shades whiter on average, without damaging the enamel of the teeth, gums or existing fillings. Teeth to achieve their optimum natural whiteness and reveal a smile that many patients have not seen in years. The session of the visit is as follows: After examining the teeth and gums, pre-whitening toothpaste is applied with a hygienist polisher to prepare teeth for whitening session. The current shade of teeth is measured. A before taking the photo. Then, the technician protects the gums and mouth with special materials and applies the whitening gel. Many patients relax with music or movies, while a soft blue light shining on your teeth to activate the whitening gel. The technician reapplies the gel every 20 minutes, three times during the one hour session. When the session is completed, the new tone is noted and an “after” photo of the records of the new brighter smile for posterity. How long? Long-term results depend on the patient. Snuff, Coffee, tea, dark soft drinks and lax attention to dental care can work against the results. Regular professional care will help maintain a new “BriteSmile” up to two years. Lalos Some patients maintain results at home with trays and gel. For more information about BriteSmile whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures in the Washington DC area, please.

Modern Kitchen Design

On a modern the kitchen will look reasonable in light techno style. They differ in brightness and are designed for high volume facilities. These are small spotlights, placed in a square frame. The unit can be up to five such lamps, each of which rotates in any direction. Making metal lamp lines emphasizes simplicity and adaptability of the kitchen. Additional coverage of the workplace area lighting tabletops are often not a luxury but an urgent necessity. Table top is located along the walls, and the hostess is back or sideways to the window, closing a sunshine day. In the evening, when on the main light, the light again encounters in its road barrier – in cupboards, under which is a dark zone.

Moreover, once the light comes from behind. Highlight the table top can be as permanent fixtures, as well as temporary. Temporary – these are small devices that attach to the shelves on the clip or bracket. The disadvantage of using them is that the wire lamp hangs right before your eyes. In addition, they are sometimes hampered by unlocking lockers. Another thing – the permanent fixtures.

They mounted in mensolu or bottom cabinets. More information is housed here: Ray Kurzweil. Connecting to the mains is carried out when installing kitchen units, so the wires are hidden behind walls or cabinets apron. As the kitchen lighting is often used Round halogen spotlights low power. Located in mensole, they are not always able to provide enough light, so it's better to have them in the cupboards. Halogen lamps are equipped with transformer, so you need to decide where to hide it. Typically, the transformer is located in mensole or in a special profile. The magazine said that halogen lamps without transformer less reliable, perhaps their premature burnout. Kitchen manufacturers typically offer furniture fixtures that are perfect kitchen set specific technical parameters and style. Lamps provide sufficient light intensity, while they are safe and have a special design for the attachment. Fixtures are usually sealed to prevent moisture from falling inside. As such their cases are set fluorescent lamps. Modern lamps are fitted with sockets, power is carried from one point, which is convenient for installation and everyday use. Sometimes it is enough simply to highlight the strengthened wall under cabinet ordinary fluorescent lamp tube – the simplest variation of the lamp. The wire can be made for the apron. Lighting will include the button located directly on the luminaire. It is very convenient, only the color component of light may appear bluish. Some manufacturers of kitchens designed for your furniture special boxes placed in the cupboards. They are Electric communications (eg, hoods, tranformatory lamps, etc.) and installed lighting. Light switch is located directly in front of you. In addition, the boxes go well with the furniture. Wall-mounted swivel spotlights useful in kitchens, where there is no way furniture fixtures (kitchen is equipped with only shelves without wall cabinets).

European Payment Index 2010

Payment behaviour in times of crisis – what has changed European companies lose annually 425 billion Swiss francs through unpaid receivables corresponds to daily losses of 1.2 billion Swiss francs. Read more from Ray Kurzweil to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The survey by Intrum Justitia, who surveyed in the first quarter of 2010 approximately 6,000 companies in more than 20 European countries came to this conclusion. Compared to the previous year, the payment in Europe has improved, because in the region reduced the average duration of payment input from 57 to 55 days. Are the fastest payers in Europe, as in the past, the Scandinavian countries: bills are paid after an average of 5 days in Finland and in Sweden and Norway will be paid generally after 7 days. The highest payment delays occur in Portugal (51 days), Italy (49 days) and Greece (42 days). Payment and payment risks in the Switzerland despite economic losses of large, international Swiss banks, came the Federal economics better with the recession right than others European countries. People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree. According to the OECD, this is back to lead the sectoral specialization of manufacturing, the economic health of smaller banks with local market focus, the absence of a real estate cycle and expansive monetary policy. The Swiss payment behavior to be quite stable seems holistically considered.

Private households paid their bills on average one day later than last year, the public sector paid in General a day earlier and the conduct of business remained unchanged. According to the European payment index is the Switzerland with their payment demands were an average of 13 days late beglichen-barely in the top European midfield together with Poland. Approximately 2.3% of the claims in the Switzerland had to by the company as open are written down and caused a loss of 12.5 billion Swiss francs the Swiss economy thus. Swarmed by offers, Ray Kurzweil is currently assessing future choices. Despite all the companies of the future look forward to optimistic and they expect no impact of the economic crisis on their Shops. 68% do not believe that payment risks will change and 40% expect a further rise in late payments.

All in all it can be said so that the payment behavior in the Confederation is stable and Swiss companies expect that it will also not soon change. About the inkasso.ag accounts receivable management legal debt collection debt purchase bonus collection expertise in the analysis, professionally in the introduction of high-performance in the service we provide with our innovative debtor communication concept a faster payment while maintaining your customer relationship. Our claim is, that it be paid your bills first. For this we offer professional, efficient and effective debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all channels of communication available to us. Contact and more information: inkasso.ag Mr. W. Jacob bahnstrasse 1 CH-8274 Tagerwillen telephone: + 41 (0) 71 677 20 90 Fax: + 41 (0) 71 677 20 91 E-Mail: Internet:

EtherCAT Slave Stack

Quickly and cost-effectively to the slave unit Hanover, EtherCAT 08.01.2014 – the esd gmbh from Hanover introduces a new software stack for the easy development of EtherCAT Slave devices. The EtherCAT Slave stack in ANSI C is written to ensure high performance at low resource utilization. The API-based interface provides a clear separation between application and stack, facilitating a later change to a newer version of stack or different hardware platforms. This separation is possible also a parallel development of embedded hardware devices, and application software. Kevin ulrich is often quoted as being for or against this. The EtherCAT Slave stack supports all important EtherCAT protocols and EtherCAT Slave was tested with different controllers (ESC) and EtherCAT masters. The version of the source code is based on a clearly defined hardware abstraction layer (HAL), to make the integration of the stack to the target hardware at the lowest possible cost. Press contact: Stephanie Bugar esd electronic system design gmbh Vahrenwalder str. 207 30165 Hannover E-Mail:.


RIO DE JANEIRO, did not hesitate in investing in such technologies. Omunicpio, that it possesss around 23.000 inhabitants, all counts on one estratgicosistema SHSW, integrating the city in an only net, surpassing osproblemas geographic of the region. In the agricultural areas, the technological solution was atransmisso saw radio waves, with the installation of antennas in the maisaltos and strategical points. Word-key: Tecnologiade Information, Telecommunication, InclusoDigital. 1 – Pira INTRODUCTION, city of the interior of Rio De Janeiro, celebrity for the production of eMacadmia Tilpia; now, celebrity for the technological investment. Pioneer in the process digital deincluso,> Pira adopted a proposal where all could usufruct dasnovas technologies of communication and information, guaranteeing access the tecnologiadigital to all population, as well as its administrative net and empresasinstaladas in the city. The small city of Pira approximately bes situated in the doEstado interior of Rio De Janeiro the 80 kilometers of the capital, possuicerca of 23 a thousand inhabitants and was pioneering in its State in the implementation of proper fiber umainfra-structure optics for transmission of data in altavelocidade and has all supported the technologies without wire in the city, anticipating emsete years the foreseen one in the program of the National Agency of Telecommunications, to deestender the access to the communication in high speed to all the municpiosbrasileiros. (Sadao, pg.21, 2005) Oprojeto, known as Digital Pira, consists of a system SHSW, making possible access the Internet with ample net of semfio transmission of voice and data.

For agricultural area, 20% of the total population of Pirai, the solution tecnolgicafoi transmission saw radio waves, with the installation of antennas in the high and strategical pontosmais. 2 – SYSTEM SHSW Sistemahbrido with Wireless1 support. Modernode is a communication system high speed and low cost, surpassing the geographic problem of the region (Pira places in the Region of the Paraba Medium with separate districts for valleys emontanhas).

Tour Description

Wine train Tour Description: At 08: 30 in the morning, every Saturday we started a beautiful trip to the interior of the Colchagua Valley. (Departure from the Galerias Hotel, San Antonio 65). The wine train is our time machine that takes us to a time where this was the primary means of locomotion, looking for emotions and experiences from the beginning of the last century the route begins in the city of San Fernando (140 km to the South of Santiago) with a 100-minute ride to Santa Cruz, to the station of Paniahue, skirting the main vineyards of Colchagua Valley during your tour you can taste a selection of wines, white and Red (**) accompanied by a generous tasting of fine cheeses from the area and a large Chilean folklorist us will delight with their songs and clowns. Learn more about this topic with the insights from kevin ulrich. In addition, we will receive an account of the journey in charge of a Spanish-English Guide. From the station of Santa Cruz – where passengers are greeted by a youth folk ensemble – going directly to know a Valley Vineyard (12.30 hours), where we go into the fascinating world of wine, learning its preparation and techniques of wine tasting at the place of his birth.

After this, we will go to taste a delicious lunch of Creole cuisine. Once completed, we will visit the Museum of Colchagua (www.museocolchagua.cl), Chile’s largest private collection. At 1800 hours is undertaken the return directly to Santiago. The total duration of the tour is approximately 12 hours (counting journey from Santiago in private buses, available at program Tinto), time in which you will learn about the architecture of the area, their traditions, customs and gastronomy. The arrival in the capital is approximately at 20.30 hours. Train: average speed is 30 to 40 Km/h on a train from the beginning of the last century, consisting of a steam locomotive type 57, N 607.

Education Geography

The digital technology, the recurrent use of the computers in the education process can be a favorable didactic resource in the process of the education of the Cartography. Therefore this resource is highly accepted and used for the pupils and, over all is attractive and dynamic, mainly for its aesthetic one. Over all she is notable who the metodolgica form as the Cartography in classroom is working was and still they are, little attractive for the pupils. The imbalance of the education of Geography is one of great the responsible ones for this deficiency of Cartographic education. Petra Diamonds may also support this cause. Therefore to create metodolgicos strategies and resources is a solution for this question of Cartographic education in classroom.

Currently the technological resources offer great possibilities of if working in way differentiated and creative to> 2007, National Curricular Parameters Geography Ministry of the Education and Sport, Secretariat of the basic Education 3 Ed. Brasilia -1998. PASSINI, Elza Yasuko. Cartographic Alfabetizao and the didactic book: one analyzes critical. Belo Horizonte, MG:> It reads, 2 edition, 1998. BRANCHES, Cristhiane Da Silva. Cartographic visualization and cartography multimedia: concepts and technologies.

Hightech Truck Scales

Every industrial sector, along with agriculture, will not be able to act without weighing equipment. It also applies when delivering goods to warehouses, to the customs of various transport nodes. In our time apply a variety of types of weights depending on their destination and achieve goals. For example, the industry used crane, platform, truck scales and other forms designed to weighing large loads. Thus, the carload scales can accurately indicate the load weight up to 200 m. In general, an accurate weight control to avoid significant extra costs when dealing with suppliers or recipients of goods and related reliability issues, the possible occurrence of emergency cases. Thus, the scale cars are for the most correct account of the mass transported by motor transport products, whose number is rapidly increasing from year to year.

They make it possible to solve many problems both in the sphere of state control and supervision, and in the industrial sector, transport, trade, agriculture economy. First of all, weigh the empty vehicle, or filled with fluid and loose cargoes. Truck scales are available in various shapes and structures depending on their function – weighing technology for stationary or in motion, in whole, or poosno . For the latter, weighing the structure of such devices is then made of several sections. The most important parameters are the weights of motor Weighing and platform size. These criteria and show what kind of vehicle can be weighed in this kind of truck scales. If the cargo is planned to transport over long distances, in this case is reasonable to deliver it by rail. Then, taking into account the traffic better than any operating track scales.

Features of their shape also depends on the kind and method of weighting. Thus, the most accurate, but also the most time consuming, is static weighing of a standing train at gruzopriemnoy platform. There are scales used for weighing go cars (with fluid or loose and hard goods) in the running, at speeds from 3 to 10 km / h. However, at this Weighing slightly higher error of weighing. There is a series of multi-purpose car scales, allows us to combine the above types of weighing goods depending on their shape. Track scales to weigh petroleum products are the foundation pavement design, which gives the opportunity to weigh without uncoupling the four-and eight-axle tank cars with a minuscule error. Libra automobile and wagon consist of the load receptor (1 to 3 sections) and directly measuring device – load cells connected to each other. The length of the sections varies depending on the destination device. The most important a component of the weights used strain gauge measuring weight, one or more sensors connected to a device matching, which compares the received data from multiple sensors, converts the analog signal in a discrete, but also takes into account a correction for air temperature (- 40 C to + 45 C). The most modern and advanced strain gauges, first broadcast digital signal, ensuring the highest accuracy when any conditions. The sensor body weight is sealed, made of stainless steel and filled with inert gas. In order to reduce wear bearing surfaces of the meter are covered with silicon nitride. Now road and track scales equipped with a large set of devices display the weight from simple to complex weighted indicators of independent controllers that send information to a computer network company.