Parental Software

Record computer activity including recovery of passwords, access key, history of chats, emails etc control are very important to know what their children are doing. Protect your children from online dangers as father, is impossible to control what their children do on the PC 100% of the time. As dangerous stalkers online grow (pedophile pedophiles) daily, you should take precautions now. Follow close to the activity of your computer and allows full access to keys, recovery passwords messenger, instant messaging chats, recovery of passwords, etc. Find out if there is a potential problem before it is too late.

Protect your business if he runs a business, gives classes in a school, or is involved with the implementation of the law, record the activity of the computer and helps you keep track of everything that happens on their computers. You can use a software specific to block or allow certain web sites you choose. Employees will be more productive and will be more easy location of predators in the network. Know everything you do on your pc Seber which are doing on your PC, if you are chatting with unknown friends, used e-mail accounts, access the secret dating profiles or even manipulate their private files, will know it. Registers dozens of processes every minute to keep him safe. Using a software can help you to record the activity of the accounts of mail, chat, sites of appointments, etc. Also help you capture messenger passwords used on your computer. Peace of mind is only a click away.